Mala at Material Vol. 9

with works by
Aurélie Blanchette Dubois
Sara Graça
08.02.23 - 12.02.23

Mala’s presentation at Material Vol. 9 proposes a dialogue between Swiss-Canadian emerging artist Aurélie Blanchette Dubois and Portuguese artist Sara Graça.
We will present works from the series Leaden Nights (2022) by Sara Graça, that portray nights of worry converted into memories, or thoughts that do not let you sleep. Through modeling the pieces in air-dry paste, the artist creates a light-shadow relationship that gives shape to the works distributed on the wall with a graphite finish, which gives them the appearance of lead.
By working with a material that pretends to resemble another, and playing with its inauthenticity, a feeling of in-between spaces is created. We recognize a certain relationship with domesticity in these pieces that resemble medieval engravings, where there are figurative elements that transport us into the night.
Aurélie Blanchette Dubois will present The Poster Child of Morphostasis (2019), a series of oil paintings on canvas using pipe and hose images, clipart icons and liquid splashes in a range of interior design color palette. The mere surface of the paintings becomes the expression of the pipes as defunct vessels. Exploring the limits of the ornamental against the imperative of meaning production or the institution of good taste. The Moistest Shade of Thou I & II (2023), a new series of textile pieces, integrates visual references to water, hoses, electric lights, and human hands weaved in patterns as if they were form a hidden narrative.
The works will be presented together, in a display that suggests open curtains or stained glass windows, and a view towards a room, recalling compositions from Flemish painting, underlining the narrative and imaginative qualities of each artists’ practice.

Supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

Photo: Noemi Garcia, Courtesy of Mala and the artists.