Mala is a space ran by Henrique Loja and Sofia Montanha.

In January 2020, we started the nomadic exhibition space Supermala, which intersects DIY fashion and contemporary art production. Since then, we have hosted exhibitions in Vienna, Geneva, Madrid and Lisbon. With Supermala, have collaborated with artists Hugo Canoilas, Fraich Club, Débora Delmar, Katharina Höglinger, Ana Martínez Fernández & Ferrán Pla, Duvida Press, Sara Ravelli, Andreia Santana, Curtis Talwst Santiago, Ye Xe.

In April 2021, we started Mala, an art gallery ran by artists, which aims to produce, promote and support Portuguese and international artists in the beginning of their careers. 

(+351) 932 798 288
(+351) 913 840 247

Rua Dom João de Castro, 35A
1300-258 Lisboa

18E, 73B, 742, 760 Aliança Operária/Rio Seco