Alpha Sy, Azize Ferizi, bambi, Charlotte Durand, Clara Roumegoux, Clarisse Dagod, Federico Nipoli, Jeremy Dafflon, Marlène Charpentié, Marlie Mul, Mina Squalli-Houssaïni, Sarah Benslimane, Yann Biscaut, Zahra Hakim

29.04.22 - 23.07.22

Mala is pleased to present Fashion Time, a project by Alpha Sy, Azize Ferizi, Bambi, Charlotte Durand, Clara Roumegoux, Clarisse Dagod, Fedrico Nipoli, Jeremy Dafflon, Marlène Charpentié, Marlie Mul, Mina Squalli-Houssaïni, Sarah Benslimane, Yann Biscaut and Zahra Hakim. This exhibition presents a collaborative installation and performative event, that uses fashion as the thread moving beyond disciplinary labels, boxes and boundaries. In Fashion Time, “fashion” becomes a placeholder for many things.
Two clotheslines cut across the space, where you can find all kinds of garments: a teddy bear-top, a shower curtain dress, an ambiguous dress made of fabric leaves, flaming pants and articulated dresses stating out loud - DO WE NEED CHANGING ROOMS, WHO’S DOING THE FRINGE?, WE CAN JUST MAKE EVERYTHING IN LISBON - which underline the improvisational and collaborative process of Fashion Time. In a corner, the screens presents a video with footage from an anime convention. Is cosplay costume, fashion, or a lifestyle?
An operatic event will take place during the opening. Mala and its surroundings will become a backstage, a catwalk and a studio. The public will dress in the art-garments designed by the group, in an event consisting of music, food, styling, fashion, production and runway shows. Giant shoes and group hats will bring strangers together. In Fashion Time, “fashion” becomes  “beautiful things, serious things, funny things, fast things, laborious things, crafty things, trashy things, wearable things, impossible things, things we need, things we dream, things we don't want to go onto a gallery wall but that we want to carry on our bodies! Fashion that is furniture, fashion that is food, fashion for friends, fashion that is chunky, fashion that is funky, fashion that is superfluous, fashion that goes deep, fashion that connects us, fashion that’s too small, fashion that’s for no one, and a fashion that’s for all.”

Fashion Time is a project that has been initiated by Marlie Mul in the context of the Work.Master, a 2-year MFA programme that is a part of the Visual Arts Department of HEAD, Haute école d'art et de design – Genève / Geneva School of Art and Design.

This exhibition was supported by HEAD - Genève.

Photo: Beatriz Pereira, Courtesy of Mala and the artist.